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  • The orientation of transcription factor binding site motifs in gene promoter regions: does it matter? BMC Genomics
  • Spatial proximity statistics suggest a regulatory role of protein phosphorylation on compound binding. Proteins.
  • Limited phosphate: mobile RNAs convey the message. Nature Plants
  • The identification of cis-regulatory sequence motifs in gene promoters based on SNP information. Methods in Mol Biol

  • Endogenous Arabidopsis messenger RNAs transported to distant tissues. Nature Plants
  • The roles of post-translational modifications in the context of protein interaction networks. PLoS Computatational Biology
  • Assessment of drought tolerance and its potential yield penalty in potato. Functional Plant Biol.
  • Computational phosphorylation network reconstruction: methods and resources. Methods in Mol Biol
  • COordination of Standards in MetabOlomicS (COSMOS): facilitating integrated metabolomics data access. Metabolomics
  • Multiple RNA processing defects and impaired chloroplast function in plants deficient in the organellar protein-only RNase P enzyme. PLoS One
  • Physicochemical characteristics of structurally determined metabolite-protein and drug-protein binding events with respect to binding specificity. Frontiers Mol Biosci
  • Substantial reprogramming of the Eutrema salsugineum (Thellungiella salsuginea) transcriptome in response to UV and silver nitrate challenge. BMC Plant Biol

  • Tabea Mettler, Timo Mühlhaus, Dorothea Hemme, Mark-Aurel Schöttler, Jens Rupprecht, Adam Idoine, Daniel Veyel, Sunil Kumar Pal, Liliya Yaneva-Roder1, Flavia Vischi Winck, Frederik Sommer, Daniel Vosloh, Bettina Seiwert, Alexander Erban, Asdrubal Burgos, Samuel Arvidsson, Stephanie Schönfelder, Anne Arnold, Manuela Günther, Ursula Krause, Marc Lohse, Joachim Kopka, Zoran Nikoloski, Bernd Mueller-Roeber, Lothar Willmitzer, Ralph Bock, Michael Schroda and Mark Stitt (2014) Systems analysis of the response of photosynthesis, metabolism and growth to an increase in irradiance in the photosynthesis model organism Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, Plant Cell (in press)
  • The sucrose–trehalose 6-phosphate (Tre6P) nexus: specificity and mechanisms of sucrose signalling by Tre6P. J Exp Bot
  • Klaas J. van Wijk, Giulia Friso, Dirk Walther, Waltraud X. Schulze (2014) Meta-analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana phospho-proteomics data reveals compartmentalization of phosphorylation motifs, Plant Cell (in press)
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